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This is a portable Wireless 4.1 LED 2x8W speaker, through the acrylic lens and through a unique lighting effect algorithms, formed Virtual 3D LED bright light effect.


1. The dual voice coil design; in particular the use of two-tone circle magnetic core 18 full-range speakers, the sound quality is more beautiful, more powerful bass

2. 3D dynamic lighting modes: 3D spectrum display - "Music Ripple", "Ying move", "Rainbow", "Star", "Smoke.Flower "five display mode function;

3. DSP Audio: Configuring professional DSP audio processing chip, support EQ adjustment;

4. Digital Amplifier: The HIFI level digital power amplifier, high-frequency transparent, full bass and elastic;

5. The independent sound chamber: independent acoustic sound chamber design, the seal is good, beautiful sound;

6. Wireless Audio: 10 meters range to keep the smart phone, tablet or other Bluetooth connection to play audio playback device unimpeded;

7. Wireless phone: Wireless hands-free calling, clear voice, no echo;

8. Audio input: Stereo audio input interface, easy to connect computers, digital music players, cell phones and other audio devices;

9. Built-in Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the use of double lithium-powered (7.4V), double voltage, double energy;

10. NFC induction: NFC near field communication connection can be achieved with a mating connector and Bluetooth devices fast back-linking (NFC has been reserved position);

Package include:

1 x Led Bliuetooth Speaker
1 x English Manual
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x 3.5mm Audio line


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